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We Bring Trust and Ethical Standards to the Global Trade

K&K Venture believes in empowering individuals through new progressive features and functionalities to offer the best B2B experience for our reputable clients. We have created durable components to bridge the trading gap between variegated business entities and are bringing innovation in the conventional online trading model to enhance the brand development services.



White sugar is the crystallized sucrose extracted from either sugarcane or sugar beets. After harvesting the sugarcane or sugar beets, the juice is extracted and boiled downs to remove moisture. As the moisture diminishes, the natural sucrose in the juice begins to crystallize. The crystallized sugar is removed, leaving other extracts behind in the form of molasses.


Raw sugar is the product from which refined sugars are made. It is also consumed in some parts of the world as a foodstuff in its own right. The bulk of the world’s sugar exports are made up of raw sugar, the most notable exporter of raw sugar being India, which exports VHP raw sugar in massive amounts, often exceeding twenty million tons, every year.



We export varieties of Rice which include Traditional Aromatic Basmati Rice, 1121 Basmati Rice, 1401 Pusa Basmati Rice, 1509 Basmati Rice, Thai Rice, Raw White Basmati, and various categories of Non-Basmati like IR64 Parboiled, IR36 Parboiled, Sona Mansoori Raw, Sona Mansoori Parboiled and Swarna Parboiled.
The varieties provided by us have been certified by SGS Quality Certification and acclaimed by clients all across the globe. We focus on giving nutritious and healthy rice for our health-conscious clients.


The importance of maize or corn lies in its wide variety of applications beside serving as human food and animal feed. It is also a source for numerous industrial products - maize corn, corn starch, corn oil, baby corn, popcorn, dairy feed, poultry feed, piggery, agro-industries, and many more.



The world's most consumed oil seed, soya bean, is also the most cultivated and profitable crop and the main item on the export basket. Second only to iron ore in volume, soya bean exports increased almost two-fold over the last decade due to the expansion of harvested area and use of advanced agricultural technology that boosted the productivity.


Soybean oil is extracted from beans of the soy plant. They grow in pods after the blossom period. Initially, soybeans contain a high content of protein, predominantly used for animal feed and increasingly in retail products such as vegetarian products and soy milk.



When people think of coffee, they usually think of its ability to provide an energy boost. However, according to some research, it can also offer some other important health benefits, such as a lower risk of liver cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart failure.


Chicken feet are praised for their health benefits, which are mostly attributed to their high collagen content. It consist mostly of connective tissue — skin, cartilage, tendons, and bones. However, they’re still quite nutritious and deliver a fair amount of vitamins and minerals.



Copper is a soft, malleable, ductile metal with high thermal and electrical conductivity and good resistance to corrosion due to the protective patina that forms on its surfaces. It has low thermal expansion, making it stable and resistant to deterioration from movement. It is relatively light compared to lead, and requires little maintenance. Furthermore, it is non-magnetic and has good bio fouling resistance. Working through K&K Venture, we can ensure you the premium quality, prices and lead time for our Copper due to our collaborations with manufacturers. All around the globe.


With the access of different manufacturers around the globe, Tidal can provide wide range of steel products. Mainly production of steel is based in China with capacity of up to 250,000 MT per month.



We have been developing our business for innovating aluminium to make modern life possible for the world, the societies in which we operate, and our people.

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